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New Songs for Old People: “Voices of a Traveler” by Souvenir Driver

Portland shoegazers take a page from eighties anthems for new release.

I hear a lot of older people say they don’t have time to discover new music anymore. Allow me to remedy this issue. I will pull up something brand new and liken it to something older that people will remember from when they used to discover music on their own.

If you like The Cure or any track on the Pretty in Pink movie soundtrack, you may enjoy the new song called “Voices of a Traveler” from a band called Souvenir Driver.

With “New Songs for Old People,” individuals can get into a new song that sounds similar to something old that they liked. It won’t be scary or weird or unlikeable to listen to new music, because it will just feel like a sequel to music they already know and enjoy.

For instance, if you like the sadness of The Cure as well as the hopeful teenage sound of the Pretty in Pink soundtrack, including the infectious “If You Leave” by the unpronounceable Orchestral Manoevres in the Dark, you may enjoy “Voices of a Traveler” by Souvenir Driver.


Eighties babes like Andrew McCarthy grace the cover of the Pretty in Pink soundtrack in vinyl along with The Cars Greatest Hits, also in vinyl, and a guitar for no reason at all.

There also seems to be a nod to David Robinson, drummer for The Cars, not to be confused with the David Robinson of “Mr. Robinson” fame, formerly of the San Antonio Spurs.

On top, for flavor, is a sprinkling of Midnight Oil and early REM.

Put ‘em all in a blender circa the late eighties, mix until smooth, and freeze until 2017. Voila, friends.

Listen to “Voices of a Traveler” from Souvenir Driver on SoundCloud Now

This small connection to an ever-changing cultural landscape will be especially helpful when people go on Tinder dates. They will want to seem hip and know about current music, but in reality, they have no idea where to start.

Sample Dating Interaction

You can have the song playing in your car and they’ll be like, “Great song, where did you hear about it?”

And you can shrug and be like, “Some music blog.”

You can read even more about the band Souvenir Driver in this Atwood Magazine article. However, don’t appear to know too much about the band or the song, or really anything though. It is important to make life look effortless so your Tinder date doesn’t think you have too much baggage.

3 Basic Things to Know About Souvenir Driver:

  • They are from Portland, Oregon.
  • They don’t like that guy USA chose for President that terrible day in 11/16
  • “Voices of a Traveler” is their first single off the new record

PRO TIP: Going to a show is a great date idea. You don’t have to talk very much and you can react to a shared experience. Have dinner first so you don’t get hangry, though.

You Can See Souvenir Driver LIVE at:

Uhhhh, I’m not sure since they don’t have any tour dates listed on their website. Maybe you can ask them:

Tell ‘em Large Marge sent ya!

New Songs for Old People is a music blog episode series specifically designed to ease older Millenials and Gen Xers into new music in a way that is simple and non-threatening. Building from familiar cultural references, New Songs for Old People helps restore relevancy to aging populations with fun and rewarding content.

P.S. – I ain’t pickin on ya, Souvenir Driver. Just trying to get people out of their bubbles and listening to new music.