Top 5 Gifts for Eccentric Relatives

Let’s face it, everybody has a couple of relatives that are just a mystery. Their love of trilogies, puns, and small bits of wire confound the most well-meaning family members. What do you buy these people? Don your tinfoil hat and get a load of the Top 5 Gifts for Eccentric Relatives.

  1. SmartWool PhD® Slopestyle Medium Lincoln Loop Socks

While most of the northern hemisphere is plunged into darkness and glacial chill, a good pair of warm socks are always appreciated. Interesting patterns and colors are a hit with creative folks of many stripes.




  1. Raspberry Pi™

For the tech geek who has everything comes the Raspberry Pi. Never heard of it? It’s a tiny little computer thing that can be used to build pretty much anything. Give your anti-social loved one a reason to hole-up in the extra bedroom and figure out how to sync the Christmas lights to Rock Me Amadeus.



  1. Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with your Cat Book

Yes, this is a real book. It’s perfect for the crazy cat lady in your family, young or old. Take that raggedy old calico, brush it profusely and you too can enjoy hours of fun with cat hair finger puppets, tote bags, coin purses, and more.




  1. Game of Thrones Stark Infantry Shield

Your quirky kin can pretend he or she is one of the brave Starks of Winterfell with this officially licensed Game of Thrones shield product. Fans of the hit HBO series will be howling about the realistic direwolf sigil emblazoned on cold rolled steel (and you’ll feel extra safe that you didn’t buy them a sword).


Stark Shield


  1. BioLite® Wood Burning Camp Stove

From doomsday preppers to friendly tree huggers, everybody loves the BioLite wood burning camp stove. And why not? This handy gadget allows you to gather a few twigs and charge your cell phone – while cooking a hearty dinner off the grid.





About the Author: Melany Joy Beck is a writer, filmmaker, and content strategist who frequently fraternizes with techies, musicians, artists, and other eccentric individuals. She understands that it is difficult to shop for anyone who doesn’t want a Keurig. You can watch her award-winning short film Bring It 2 Peter on Amazon Instant Video.