Month: February 2014

Chris Holm and Delavan, Live in Minneapolis

I first heard of Chris Holm from his sister Jamie, who I interviewed for a magazine article I was working on several years ago. She talked about the guy like a typical younger sister might. However, she isn’t a typical kid sister and Holm is every bit as talented as she made him out to be.

I learned this watching him play harmonica with The Fattenin’ Frogs at The Cabooze one hot summer night last year. His passion for authentic delta blues drives his sound whether he’s playing guitar for Minneapolis’ stomp-rockers the4onthefloor, the frogs, solo stuff, and probably his new project with Mark Larson, Heatwave and Landman who I have yet to hear. His recent decision to leave Twin Cities stalwarts, the4onthefloor opens up his calendar to devote more hours to his other projects and that is an extremely exciting place for an artist to be.

What’s even more exciting to me, on a personal level was his invitation to me and my new band Delavan to play a set with him at Lee’s Liquor Lounge in Minneapolis tomorrow night.

Lee’s is an institution. Holm is a musician’s musician. Right now, it’s about 24 hours before load-in, with one practice to go. I’m starting to think about it. I know James Gould, Vero and Mark Larson are gonna tear it up like they have been doing in our rehearsals, but it’s all that logistical shit like, “Am I going to forget the lyrics,” or “Was that a guitar solo on the verse chords or the chorus chords?” or “Is the vibe / music / moment just going to drive me to have an unexpected fit / meltdown / freakout / callout / crazy moment / loss of self on stage?”

We’re a new band. It’s our first show of 2014, our first show at Lee’s and only our 3rd show ever.

Everybody watches reality TV now right? Well, this is Reality Life. Art gets created every day and every moment we create is pretty much art. Except it’s with LIVE music in any-bar USA. That’s a fleeting moment. You’re either there or you’re not.

But it all goes on.

Chris Holm and Delavan are going on Tuesday 2/11 at Lee’s Liquor Lounge in Minneapolis. Be there.

Or get somebody to talk about what happened.